Girls Go Fly’s mission is to broaden the horizons of girls and women with regards to non-traditional careers, such as pilot, aeronautical engineer, underwater welder, wing walker, air traffic controller, etc.

This project was born on March 9, 2018 while Sandrine was having dinner with her close friend, Christine. She is the first person Sandrine ever shared this dream with and she is also the one who said, “DO IT! Go ahead! It’s an amazing project that must see the light of day!” As any other big idea, it didn’t start on that day. What did begin there and then was the validation that her crazy idea excited someone else and therefore had the potential of getting more people supporting it.

Want the full story? Listen to “Grabbing Risk By The Horns: Flying High With Sandrine’s Renaissance Business” here!  A podcast episode produced by The Puttytribe (a community of multipotentialites spearheaded by TEDTalk speaker and author Emilie Wapnick).


Girls Go Fly’s founder, Sandrine Gressard, will soon fly from one airport to another in her classic airplane, giving speeches in the local primary and secondary schools, organizing fly-days and bringing girls to the skies.


Our goal, as a start, is to visit every airport and aerodrome (small airports with grass or gravel runways and often no control tower) in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. We also plan to do this in the Central American country of Belize during the winter months. During these excursions, the  children (boys are welcome) are invited to meet us at the airport where they will get to walk around the airplane, learn about its controls and engine and then go up for a 15-minute flight. Each child will receive a personalized certificate and a picture of them (printed on the spot).


Contact your local school or Air Cadet Squadron and ask them to have Sandrine come and give an exciting, sensation-filled presentation to the children. She will sometimes come with another influential woman and as often as possible with flight instruments or tools so the children can learn about aviation, mechanics, physics, welding, etc.


Every inspiration comes from role models. Yes, Amelia Earhart (the first woman to fly across the Atlantic alone) has shown us the way, but meeting and speaking to current-day leaders definitely makes a difference. These talented and daring women have the same challenges we all do and still defy gravity, take unbelievable risks and live their lives full throttle! Check out these wing walkers, fighter pilots, airplane mechanics, airline pilots, underwater welders, and aerobatic pilots.


There are many ways you can contribute to the overall success of this larger-than-life program:

  • Sharing this website with all your friends is definitely a great start,
  • Liking us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • You can use template e-mails we have prepared to send to your colleagues, friends and family (coming soon),
  • Step-by-step instructions on how/where to donate (coming soon),
  • Template e-mails to send to the Federal and Provincial governments in charge of ministries such as Education, Women or Economy (coming soon),
  • A sponsorship package you can forward to the company you work for (coming soon),
  • The list of sponsorship opportunities available for each scholarship handed out to a girl who dreams of spreading her wings (coming soon).