Want to have the most powerful conversations and go deep to live your wildest dreams and even the ones you haven’t even imagined yet?

What makes me different than other people out there helping out entrepreneurs?

  • 25-year career in 6 distinct industries across 5 countries on 3 continents
  • Passion is what defines me
  • Lost both my parents two months apart… why is that important? You tell me.
  • Ran two businesses simultaneously while living with a partner struggling with mental health issues – learned greatly during those challenges
  • I lived the entrepreneurial life for 8 years
  • Went from near bankruptcy to solely purchasing my home in less than 3 years
  • Failed and succeeded over and over again
  • Successfully confronted most of my fears with only a couple more to go
  • Changed my mindset from conservative thinking to “sky is not the limit… there are footprints on the Moon”
  • Improved my health by losing 40 lbs. in 8 months through NO diet or program
  • As an experienced scuba diver, glider & powered aircraft pilot, singer, and motorcyclist, I have a unique perspective on life

How does it work?

Give me a call or book a session. Then, we go for a walk and chat. Let’s have an amazingly powerful conversation. It won’t cost you anything, I promise to listen and share.