Sales Workshop

For Boris Mannsfeld and Associates, please use this Buy Now Button below.

For the Sales Workshop taking place at Maya Walk Tours in San Ignacio, please use this Add to Cart button below.

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To register for this workshop from any other company, please choose the date you are interested in and then, e-mail me.

In the Subject line, make sure you write: Sales Workshop – Placencia.

In the body of the e-mail, indicate:

  1. the number of people,
  2. their names,
  3. their phone number, and
  4. their e-mail address.

Then, click on the Add to Cart button below and pay for the number of people. The Add to Cart button calculates automatically the 5% discount for each additional person registering from your company. 

Number of participants

On the day of the training, we will provide you with an invoice reflecting your payment.

Should you have any questions, please ask them in the e-mail and we will contact you prior to the workshop.