Ways To Start A Business!

In this era where many of us have lost our jobs, I started wondering how my experience could help people find ways to start a business. After surfing the Web and attending online networking events, I was ultra privileged to meet Allison Graham and to be coached by her. She created this incredible challenge: Build your Online Course in 7 days or less.

Those of you who know me can imagine I was hooked by the time she finished saying “Challenge”! So, I rolled up my sleeves and created this course to help out all of you who wish to launch a business.

The good news is, the first few lessons are free and the rest of the course is actually at a huge discount right now, because my goal is to help as many people as possible.

I’m also adding free coaching 3 times a week for all of you who rise to the challenge of launching your business in 30 days or less. So, what are you waiting for? Press the pink button and get started!