Hiking & success instigating?

Yes… that’s right. I combine hiking and success instigating. Don’t worry… if you’re not in top physical shape, we won’t start with the Kilimanjaro! We’ll respect your rhythm and the altitude you can manage and move forward slowly but surely.

I combine both because as we move through nature and contemplate the beauty of the trees and leaves, listen to the sounds nature has to offer, it allows our brains to slow down and creates room for creativity and reflection.

Sharing your issues and difficulties with someone can also be intimidating. So, having face-to-face meetings isn’t always ideal. Sometimes, you don’t want your the other person to read into your eyes… you want to be able to take the time to express your emotions. It’s easier to do so when you’re walking side by side or one behind the other.

This picture does tell us that the Fall is the nicest time of the year to hike, but every season has its merits. Walking, hiking, snowshoeing, or any outdoor activity is great for the mind AND soul, which can only be ultra successful for your business.

Let’s meet up for one-hour and see what I can do for you. Don’t worry about the $$$, the first meeting is always on me. You can reach me here.