Brian Maher

I quit my job that I hated in 2010, was on Employment Insurance for a year, went back to school for 6 months during that time and started here the day after my stage (painting airplanes). It was a year ago this past Saturday. Couldn’t be happier. You literally changed the way I think about the abundance of energy that constantly surrounds us. Because of your kindness and positivity you made me want to tap into it and see what would happen. That was 6+ years ago.

The outcome since has brought me a life full of contentment in every way and on every level. I’ve never been happier. I have you to thank for that. Thank you for taking a chance with me being your first “student”. I don’t know if you remember our first meeting when we were talking about energy and the universe. I told you that for whatever reason I feel that I am meant to have money. Lots of money. You told me to start living like I do and it will come. I feel like I’m finally there. No, I didn’t win the lottery. It’s that feeling like I did. Just wanted you to know. Thank you Sandrine. Xo